Clipboard Image to Text

Version 1.4 updates the displayed image as soon as the clipboard is changed.
The application now allows you to directly modify the contents of the clipboard by opening an image.
Finally, it is possible to respond in the negative to any alerts displayed by pressing the escape key.

Version 1.3 slightly changes the first-time use scenario, for new users.
When the clipboard does not contain images, the application now places a dummy image there. This explanatory image allows the user to directly use the functionalities offered by the application. It is possible to deactivate this mechanism in the preferences.
After copying the text from the image for the first time, the application now offers to activate the wizard (if this had never been done before).
Version 1.3.2 corrects a spelling mistake in about box.
Version 1.3.3 correctly draws preview text in dark mode and displays new symbols on Big Sur, in preferences window.

Version 1.2 adds a new feature, and improves the processing of hyphenated text.
When the Clipboard is empty, it’s now possible to drop an image file into the main window, for direct processing.
Version 1.1.2 is a maintenance release that always correctly handles preferences (even when using the application main window).

Version 1.1 implements a preference window, to select preferred languages on Big Sur (as many are now available on this new OS).
You can also reverse the effect of the alternate key for handling multiline text as a single string, by default.

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