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DouWère is a software development and consulting company, mainly active on the Apple platforms (macOS and iOS).

Located near Liège, in Belgium, DouWère was founded in 1991 by Frédéric Blondiau.

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch)

Expert in user experience (UX) Many applications filed for third parties, on the AppStore.

Example Applications
Carpooling, Product Catalogs, Data Sheets, Ticketing (for technical support), Directories (Cultural Guide) Custom Keyboards, Developer/Training Tools (incorporating javascript interpreter).

Controlled Techniques
UX, geolocation, networking, data-design (json, xml) and caching.


Integration of custom solutions for specific needs in generic environments Live Camera in Flash Animations or HTML Pages, Real Time Processing.

Example Applications
Reporting (statistics, attendance, ...), Badge Photography Station ("Photomaton" like), Data Encapsulation (Stapled) .

Controlled Techniques
WebKit, pdf, Image Processing, Workflow, Scripting, Objective C, Swift, Cocoa, JavaScript.


The combination of a deep toolbox knowledge and of a strong UNIX expertise lets DouWère build programs and specific tools, based on open standards, for the professionals looking for simple and efficient solutions in networking and interface related cases.

Example Applications
Internet Audience Measurement, Reporting, Automated Workflow, Model View Controller Design.

Controlled Techniques
Backend, Data, Workflow, Network, json, php.


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DouWère, s.p.r.l. — Petit Bioleux, 24 — B-4122 Plainevaux — Belgium